A Call To Action to Protect Children in Kansas City

December 1, 2023

by Judith Rodman
President & CEO

Recent news of a tragic child death in our Kansas City community leaves our city shocked and grieving. You don’t need to know the child or family to experience the deep sadness that comes with the senseless loss of an innocent young life. 

Even more tragic, reports indicate caring neighbors were concerned for the child’s safety and had contacted authorities. My heart breaks for them. While the circumstances are still unknown and the investigation continues, one thing is sure: no child should ever suffer from abuse and neglect.

Too often, our newsfeed includes reports of children and teens being abused, sexually exploited, and neglected, most often by people they love and trust and even prominent community members we know and trust. 

These are not isolated instances. One in 7 children experiences abuse or neglect every year, and one in 10 children are sexually abused by the age of 18. Tragically, five children die every day from abuse.  

It can be overwhelming. We must allow ourselves time for the sadness, outrage, and anger we feel. But we are not helpless. Child abuse and neglect are preventable. 

Let this be a call to action for all adults in our Kansas City community. 

What can you do to help protect children? More than you might know. See below for tips, tools, and resources, and empower yourself to help protect children and support families.

In times of tragedy, it is essential to remember what we can do to keep kids safe. 


Judi Rodman
President and CEO
913-631-5800 | Judi@SunflowerHouse.org

Tips, tools, and resources to empower yourself to help protect children and support families

KNOW the Child Abuse Hotlines in your community: KS – 1-800-922-5330 | MO – 1-800-392-3738


EDUCATE yourself on the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect. 


UNDERSTAND child maltreatment, prevalence, and the risk factors for children and families. 


LEARN how to report suspected abuse, what to expect after you make a call, and ways to advocate for children. 


TEACH your children about personal safety and how to identify trusted adults to talk to if someone hurts them or makes them uncomfortable. 


ATTEND a professional training on best practices on how to identify and report suspected abuse.


ADVOCATE for children and families to have the support and resources they need to be safe and thrive. 


SEEK support for yourself and your family if you are experiencing depression, anxiety, isolation, substance use, or feeling overwhelmed.


REASSURE and comfort the children in your life when they hear upsetting information on the news and social media. 


REACH out to your local Child Advocacy Center (CAC) to find out how you can help.



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