online safety program for middle schoolers and high schoolers in Johnson & Wyandotte Counties

E-Safety for middle school (grades 6-8) & high school (grades 9-12)


Online safety is an ever-growing concern for 21st-century parents.

Our E-Safety course focuses on safety topics such as sexting, bullying, child exploitation, and social networking.

We offer online safety programs designed for both middle schoolers (6th through 8th grade) and high schoolers (9th through 12th grade). Today’s students are using electronic devices from an early age to learn, socialize, and play.  By simply having access to the internet, our children are at risk of exploitation.

What does it cover?

Sunflower House staff will present current electronic safety information including age-appropriate examples, videos and necessary information regarding educational, legal, and social consequences students can face while using electronic devices to communicate. The presentation includes important safety tips and information on how and where to report inappropriate material online. When possible our law enforcement partners from local police departments and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations/Federal Bureau of Investigations will co-present.

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If you are interested in scheduling this FREE program for your school or group contact the Sunflower House education staff. This program can be presented virtually or in person.

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We use the program as a tool to educate our students about the dangers that can occur on the Internet.  The Internet is a wonderful research tool but not a place to engage in conversation with strangers. Children benefit from this program in numerous ways. For example, this program is instructed on a student level of understanding, information is presented in a non threatening manner and it allows student interaction with presenters. The after effects of this program include students realizing that their personal information should not be shared with anyone online and under no circumstances do we meet strangers that we have chatted with on the Internet in person. This program is valuable in upping the awareness level of the dangers of using the Internet. Children’s eyes are opened to the fact that the Internet can be a dangerous place and safety must be emphasized.

About Sunflower House

Sunflower House is a non-profit founded in 1977.

It is a non-residential children’s advocacy and abuse prevention center serving Johnson and Wyandotte counties. The questions, “What would I want for my child if he or she were abused?” and “How can we stop the cycle of child abuse?” drive every decision made at Sunflower House.

The agency addresses abuse and neglect through a comprehensive approach—engaging children, parents, child-serving professionals and the community. Sunflower House is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance. Accreditation through this national affiliate ensures adherence to best practice standards of its federally recognized multidisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations.