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About Sunflower House


Sunflower House is a non-profit organization for child victims of abuse that was founded in 1977.

It is a non-residential children’s advocacy and abuse prevention center serving Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

The questions, “What would I want for my child if he or she were abused?” and “How can we stop the cycle of child abuse?” drive every decision made at Sunflower House.

Our agency addresses abuse and neglect through a comprehensive approach, engaging children, parents, child-serving professionals and the community. Sunflower House is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance. Accreditation through this national affiliate ensures adherence to best practice standards of its federally recognized multidisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sunflower House is to protect children in our community from physical and sexual abuse through education, advocacy, forensic, medical, and mental health services.

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Our Vision

Our vision at Sunflower House is to see safe children thriving in nurturing families and communities.

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Our History

The Child Abuse Prevention Coalition (CAPC) was founded in 1977 to provide education and advocacy to prevent child abuse.

In 1997, the CAPC merged with the developing Sunflower Children’s Center to become Sunflower House, Inc., a state-of-the-art, non-residential children’s advocacy center providing innovative, research-based child abuse education and intervention programs.


The first Children’s Advocacy Center of its kind in the State of Kansas, Sunflower House continues to build upon its successful abuse assessment and education programs that create safe families and communities. Sunflower House is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance and a certified United Way agency.

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Learn more about Sunflower House and the work we do as a charity for children affected by abuse in Johnson and Wyandotte counties by contacting us today.

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Our Leadership

Judith A. Rodman

Judith A. Rodman

President and CEO 

Allison McLain

Allison McLain

Resource Development Director

Cindy Riddell, LMSW

Cindy Riddell, LMSW

Child Assessment Program Director 

Monica Cattau

Monica Cattau

Education Program Director

Letter from the President

Is it too much to say that leading Sunflower House is a dream come true?  That is frankly how it feels.  Sunflower House has always been near and dear to my heart.  As the Executive Director of PACES, a program of Wyandot, Inc., I spent more than 10 years in collaboration and partnership with Sunflower House and in that time came to respect Michelle’s phenomenal leadership and looked forward to learning everything that I could from her in my first month at Sunflower House. 

I have been working with children and family services for over 25 years, with my primary focus on children’s mental health.  In my years working with children, abuse is a common theme with children dealing with mental health issues.  I have come to realize that if we are providing mental health services, we must provide treatment for trauma.  



Despite the roles I have been in over my career, I have always been driven to know more about the impacts of trauma, understanding evidence based practices to guide children to their healing, interventions to assist with the family unit and by all means…education and prevention practices to protect our children. 

With all that to say, I truly feel like this is an opportunity for me to live out my purpose.  I take this opportunity seriously and I know how important the services are to the children and families that walk through the door.  Sunflower House has an amazing staff that shares the same passion for the mission.  I couldn’t ask for more. 

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