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Petals of Promise


Sunflower House serves many children who have been victims of abuse as well as educates many more with the hope of keeping them from being a victim.

Providing the programs and services that Sunflower House does for the children in our community requires ongoing financial support.  To meet this end, Sunflower House has launched the PETALS OF PROMISE, a monthly giving program, to provide for this basic support.

By becoming a member of this program, your monthly donation will help form a source of income that Sunflower House can count on to support the services provided for children. We invite you to join us as a monthly donor and be a Petal of Promise in the life of a child.


Can fund the Happy Bear Play for 15 young children to teach them the difference between welcome and un-welcome touches and that abuse is not their fault


Can fund an online safety class for twenty students through the E-Safety program


Can support one child in receiving trauma-focused therapeutic care to help them heal from abuse


Can provide a safe place for a child to tell the story of their abuse to a trained forensic interviewer

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