Emerging Leaders of Sunflower House

A Young Professionals Board

Are you a Young Leader?

Emerging Leaders of Sunflower House is a young professionals board that works to spread the mission of Sunflower House, while at the same time learns about becoming a non-profit leader.

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  • Meet every two months at Sunflower House at 6:00 PM on the 4th Tuesday
  • Elect officers and committee chairs to run meetings, plan events, outreach opportunities and professional development programs
  • Interface with Sunflower House board of directors through occasional attendance at board meetings, board retreat and periodic events with board members
  • Meet at least quarterly for drinks and fun 
  • Have professional development programs led by Sunflower House Board members or other outside professionals
  • “Friend” Raise (Invite others to get involved and promote Sunflower House events)
  • Plan and implement an annual signature event to raise funds for Sunflower House
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