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Volunteer Opportunities

Sunflower House depends on its incredible volunteers in order to provide services and support to the community. There are multiple ways that you can offer your time and talents. View the options below to get a better idea of where you may best fit.
There's room for everyone to get involved!

Friends of Sunflower House

The Friends of Sunflower House is our flagship volunteer group that meets on a monthly basis and works hard to raise awareness of child abuse in our community through various community outreach events and opportunities.  They also put on our annual Pumpkin Palooza event in October.   It's a great group that is always looking for more hands and hearts!

Emerging Leaders of Sunflower House

Emerging Leaders is a group of young professionals interested in helping Sunflower House serve the community through service while developing leadership skills and growing their professional network.

The two primary goals of Emerging Leaders are:

  • Fundraising...to develop and implement an annual fundraising event
  • Friend-raising...be ambassadors for Sunflower House, introducing people to the mission and work of the agency by inviting them tours

Community Service Volunteers

Sunflower House Community Service volunteers have required school, job-related or other extra-curricular service hours. They volunteer for designated duties and have set schedules to ensure hours are accumulated and goals are reached in the time frame needed.  These volunteers can help us in many different capacities including building maintenance, special events, education programming and various administrative tasks.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE OPPORTUNITIES ARE LIMITED.  The availability of hours is higher during the fall and spring.  There may be times of the year that hours are limited.  Please keep this in consideration when looking to fill hours from Sunflower House.

Event Volunteers

Sunflower House has several community awareness and fundraising events throughout the year that need volunteer support.  This is a great opportunity to get yourself or your group involved and have fun at the same time.  You can serve on a planning committee or help us on the day-of!  It’s a short-term way to make a big impact!

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