Sunflower House Community Heroes Program

September 22, 2022

Sunflower House is now providing schools and other community organizations with a Community Hero window cling if they have at least 90% of their staff complete the Mandated Reporter Training program. This cling helps showcase their commitment to keeping children in the community safe. Be on the lookout for the local organizations which have their Community Hero cling and encourage others to make the same commitment to child safety!

Two organizations that we would like to recognize for completing this achievement are Shawnee Mission North High School and Holy Spirit Catholic School!

It is critical that we have organizations in our community who are taking these important steps toward keeping children safe. When we can assure that the people in our children’s lives are well-equipped to handle these situations swiftly and effectively when they arise, we know that our children are more likely to be able to get the care they need. Getting children the services they need as quickly as possible has been proven to reduce the long-term impact of trauma, which is why we are so grateful for our Community Heroes for being a big piece of the puzzle!

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