Planned Giving

Careful financial planning can be beneficial to you and your heirs and allow you to leave an enduring legacy to support the mission of Sunflower House for future generations.


Charitable Bequest:

Instructing your attorney to add a charitable bequest for Sunflower House in your will for a specific amount, specific property, or for a percentage of your estate is one of the simplest ways to provide continuing support.


Retirement Plans:

Designating Sunflower House to receive part of all of what remains of your retirement plan after your death is a very tax-efficient way of making a gift.  Heirs may receive as little as 30% after estate and income tax, but Sunflower House would receive all of it tax-free.


Insurance Policies:

To designate Sunflower House to receive part or all of the proceeds of a life insurance policy, ask your insurance company for a beneficiary designation form.


Gifts of Stock, Mutual Funds or Real Estate:

Donating depreciated assets is a simple way to make a sizable gift to Sunflower House while avoiding capital gain taxes and providing an income tax deduction in the year of the gift.


Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder or Lead Trusts:

Ask your financial advisor for a confidential analysis of the tax and income benefits available to you and your family through a variety of other planned giving tools.  Your age, assets, and income objectives will help you determine the best choices for you.

Please call the Director of Resource Development, Sara Lissauer, to talk about how your future financial plans could include Sunflower House.

Sunflower House’s Endowment is maintained and managed at the Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City. The organization’s reserves and other investments are professionally managed. Performance and compliance with Sunflower House’s Investment Policy is reviewed by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors, and the professional investors meet annually with this Committee. Endowment and Investment reports are provided to the full Board of Directors annually.

Sunflower House’s Gift Acceptance Policy is available upon request by contacting the Resource Development Director.