Year-End Fundraising Campaign

As we wrap up the holiday season and the season of gift giving, I want you to also be aware that victims of child abuse are often without the most basic of needs. Not only do they live in fear of their perpetrator, they also worry about having their basic needs met.
“Allie was referred to Sunflower House because of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of someone living in her home. She arrived with her mother and two siblings. Through Allie’s forensic interview, it was discovered that in addition to the sexual abuse Allie endured, the mother had also severely physically abused her 3-year-old siblings and used drugs. It was also discovered that the home did not have basic infant supplies for her baby sister, with the mom replacing infant formula for jello-water. 

One of our family advocates immediately set to work with law enforcement to have the mother taken away and the younger siblings sent for medical examinations. Arrangements were made for all three children to be taken into police protective custody from Sunflower House. 

When the children were ready to leave, we were able to provide them with a large supply of infant formula, a new car seat, a backpack of clothing and toiletries for the older children, a gift card for lunch, and a new teddy bear and blanket from the Teddy Bear Showcase for each of them. While we don’t know the outcome of this family, we can feel confident that what had been a horrible situation was made a little easier because of the care they received and the cooperation that was facilitated between all parties involved.” 

While I sincerely hope that you and yours had a wonderful holiday, please consider making a donation for those families whose holidays were maybe not so bright.
Please make your year-end donation by December 31st!

#No Child Should Live in Fear