Child abuse is a community problem and will only change once the entire community becomes involved.

Alex came to Sunflower House after a report of child sexual abuse. The report was made by a vigilant neighbor of the perpetrator, who had been heard talking about interacting with his nephew in an inappropriate manner on multiple occasions. The neighbor took the chance of reporting this man by calling the Kansas child abuse hotline. Although the neighbor felt that she did not have much information to report, she felt it was still her responsibility to do what she could and trust the system to find the boy and protect him.

After some time and intensive work by a police detective, Alex was found and brought to Sunflower House for a forensic interview. He was finally able to tell his story and disclose to the forensic interviewer the abuse he endured over multiple years.

Alex began seeing a therapist at Sunflower House immediately after his interview and has made great strides in healing. His uncle has been found, arrested, found guilty and sentenced to prison.

It is all of our responsibility to keep our eyes and ears open and have the courage to make a report if something does not feel right. Sunflower House provides free training to community groups about the signs of abuse and how to make a report. Visit our website to sign up for our mandated reporter training.

This year has been very different for all of us, but Sunflower house is still working every day to ensure the children in our community are safe. Please help us in our commitment to eliminate abuse in our community, today on Giving Tuesday.




“Sunflower House staff was very professional, personable and kind. They made my children feel comfortable and safe. Thank you for your support and compassion.”


“I’m thankful that places like this are here to help in a situation like the one we have right now. My kids are safe now.”


“I am very thankful this center exists for the children facing this it goes a long way in rebuilding the trust and safe boundaries that have been broken for them. I’m amazed at how at ease I felt through this terrible process.”

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