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Sunflower House, a Children's Advocacy Center, is a place for children to be interviewed after a report of child abuse has been made. We work with the police and child protective service social workers to talk with children in our safe and child-centered location.


Our goals:

Do the best we can to find out what happened.
Make the investigation process as comfortable as possible for both you and your child.
Explain the child protection and legal systems.
Assist with scheduling your child for a thorough, specialized medical evaluation.

Children are referred to Sunflower House when allegations of sexual or physical abuse have been made. Our specially trained, forensic interviewers interview children in rooms that are wired to electronically record the child’s statement. Often the recorded interview is used in further investigation or for prosecution in a court of law. Referrals are accepted from law enforcement agencies or the Department for Children and Families (DCF).

Many times children need a comprehensive medical evaluation. Sunflower House staff will assist families in scheduling these exams with pediatricians specifically trained in child sexual and physical abuse.

After forensic interviews, children are surprised with the opportunity to choose a stuffed animal, book or toy from our Bear Showcase. Each is donated to Sunflower House by community members and supporters. Please visit our wish list if you’d like to donate an item.

Free informational booklet

Caring for Kids, What Parents Need to Know About Sexual Abuse

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Forensic Interview

Sunflower House is a safe place where your child will meet with a social worker who is specially trained in talking to children in a developmentally sensitive way. Our “house” is a safe, child-centered place. Learn more>


Family Advocacy

Social workers provide support to parents and caregivers during the forensic interview and for as long as needed afterward, helping them navigate the “system” and assisting with referrals for services. Learn more>



A child’s reactions to abuse will vary. Some children show signs immediately while others may have delayed symptoms. Even if a child is not showing any symptoms at this time, it is recommended that a professional therapist assess the overall mental health of children who experienced trauma, and facilitate their emotional healing. Learn more>


Download a list of recommended mental health resources
The Child Assessment Program is supported by subgrant number 18-VOCA-28 awarded through the Federal Office for Victims of Crime as administered by the Kansas Governor’s Grants Program. The opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication, program, or exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of the Kansas Governor or the U.S. Department of Justice.


Sunflower House looks forward to the opportunity to educate members of our community about child abuse and how to prevent it. We provide the trainings to area educators, parents, professionals and companies.

Youth Education

Sunflower House has multiple programs designed specifically for children and teens that help them understand prevention and recognition of the signs of abuse. Learn more>


Adult Education

Adult education presentations and training classes include safety tips, now to recognize signs of abuse, and effective methods to talk with children about personal safety. Learn more>



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