Be The Joy

As you celebrate the season, let’s celebrate the children in our lives

Celebrating those who Protect Children

At 14 years old, Samantha came to Sunflower House after a report of child sexual abuse.  However, in this instance the victim did not make the report. The report was made by a vigilant neighbor of the perpetrator, who had been heard talking about his sister and his interactions with her in an inappropriate manner to others on several occasions.  After some time, the neighbor stepped out and took the chance of reporting this man by calling the child abuse hotline. Even without having much information to report that would be helpful in the case, he felt it was still his responsibility to do what he could and trust the system in place to find the girl and keep her safe.  After some time of intensive work by the detective on the case, Samantha was found and brought into Sunflower House for a forensic interview, where she was relieved to be able to finally tell someone about what had been happening to her to make it stop. The abuse she endured was severe and occurred over many years.
She began seeing a therapist at Sunflower House immediately following her interview and has made great strides in her healing.  Her adult brother was finally tracked down by the detectives working the case, arrested and sent to court to face charges. Samantha was able to testify in court against her brother who was found guilty and was sentenced to life.  
It is each of our responsibilities to keep our eyes and ears open and to have the courage to make a report if something doesn’t seem right.  Sunflower House provides free training to community groups about signs of abuse and how to make a report.
Please join us in celebrating and honoring those who have the courage to protect children with a donation this season.

This past year Sunflower House was fortunate to have benefited from the support of Kiewit and we thank them for their support.  Please join them them in their commitment to fighting abuse in our community.

A donation today will help Sunflower House continue to educate children across the metro.  Help us make sure all children find their voice.