Be The Joy

Child victims of abuse need our support.  You can help.

Be a Protector. 

Be a New Beginning.  Be a Voice. 

Be an Advocate.   

Sunflower House helps children find their voice.


Just like Jack.

Jack is a fourth grader at a Kansas City Kansas Elementary School. Luckily his school has been very diligent about bringing Sunflower House out multiple times over the course of a school year to present the Happy Bear play and the Think First Stay Safe curriculum for its students. After hearing repeatedly what “unwelcome” touches are and that they are NOT okay, Jack began to understand that the way that his stepfather had been treating him was bad and he learned that he needed to tell someone. It took awhile to gain the courage to tell someone about what was happening. After disclosing, a report was made and he came to Sunflower House to begin the abuse investigation. While in his forensic interview, he said that it was because of what he learned in school from “the lady from Sunflower House” that he decided to get help.

A donation today will help Sunflower House continue to educate children across the metro.  Help us make sure all children find their voice.