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Child victims of abuse need our support.  You can help.

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Sunflower House is a place where the abuse stops and the healing begins.


The purpose of therapy at Sunflower House is to help the children and their non-offending caregivers to process what has happened to them that brought them to Sunflower House in the first place.  Through relationship-building and trust the child is able to open up and begin the healing process.

Marissa came to Sunflower House when she was 13.  She had recently told her parents about an incident in which her adult cousin had forcibly touched her private parts and attempted other sexually inappropriate behavior with her. Her family was very close to this cousin and she viewed him more like a brother. Marissa was deeply affected by this. She wanted to tell her parents but was scared of what kind of trouble her cousin would be in. 

Eventually, she told her parents who reported it to the police and the police referred her to Sunflower House. Marissa was interviewed and referred for therapy where she was diagnosed with PTSD. She was having flashbacks and nightmares of this abusive experience. She felt ashamed and responsible and began isolating herself from her friends and family. She cried often and lost interest in any activity she used to enjoy.  Whenever the therapist attempted to discuss the abuse with her, she would have panic attacks and we would often have to end sessions early.  

In therapy, they spent a lot of time increasing her self calming skills and engaged in therapy interventions that helped her brain realize that the abuse was in the past and that she is safe now. With the help of a supportive family and learning new skills for coping with her emotions, she was able to tell her story in court. After that, she began to regain her confidence.  After 18 months in therapy, Marissa graduated from services. Her family was pleased with her progress, saying "our happy and fun daughter is back". Marissa is now 15 and thriving in school and actively involved in family life and sports.

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